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Why Choose Wild & Free Holistic School of Esthetics?

Wild & Free Holistic School of Esthetics is committed to providing a holistic and transformative education that prepares our students for successful careers in the esthetics industry. By integrating mind, body, and spirit, we empower our students to become skilled estheticians who not only enhance beauty but also promote overall well-being and balance.

Women Holding Hands
Women Holding Hands


At Wild & Free Holistic School of Esthetics our mission is to provide comprehensive and transformative education in the field of esthetics, fostering a holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit. We are dedicated to empowering our students with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to excel in their professional careers while promoting overall well-being and balance.


We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their passion for esthetics while developing a strong foundation in theory and practical skills. Our experienced and dedicated instructors provide personalized guidance and mentorship, ensuring that each student receives the attention they need to thrive.


"Our school embraces a holistic philosophy that recognizes the interconnectedness of beauty, health, and inner harmony. We believe that true beauty radiates from within and can be enhanced through nurturing both the physical and emotional aspects of a person. Through our curriculum, we aim to instill in our students a deep understanding of the body's natural healing abilities and the importance of using natural and sustainable products."

In addition to technical proficiency, we emphasize the importance of self-care and personal growth. Through workshops, seminars, and experiential learning opportunities, we help our students cultivate self-awareness, mindfulness, and a sense of purpose. We believe that by nurturing their own well-being, our students will be better equipped to provide exceptional care and support to their clients.


Community engagement and ethical practices are at the core of our school's values. We encourage our students to become socially conscious estheticians, promoting sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity in their professional practice. We foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment, advocating for eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing of products.

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